A Gym Membership
For Your Soul
Guiding You to Embody
More Magic, Intuition
& Astrology In Your Life

Welcome home to your
full bodied cosmic support system.

Journey with me as we traverse the cosmos to deepen your relationship
between the stars and your soul as we anchor it into your physical
body because…

You are stardust incarnated into a human vessel and you’re here to feel and
experience the beauty and abundance of life!

I have come to understand the key
to growth is lifestyle...it's what you do every day that creates your reality!

So imagine if you could…

  • Learn to trust your intuition more
  • Gain more confidence
  • Learn how the cosmos are influencing you
  • Have more meaning, purpose, and direction in your life
  • Create more ritual in your daily life so you can experience less anxiety
  • Let go of limited beliefs so you have less blocks and more synchronicity on your path
  • Connect to your Cosmic Body & understand the role of emotions and health
  • Feel guided & inspired so you’re not doing it alone
  • And most importantly learn to love and empower yourself because you are in charge of your reality!

If you don’t already know, I’m the queen of empowerment so I’m going to teach you a thing or two…. ; )

As above, so below,
as within, so without,
as the universe,
so the soul…

This concept is one of the foundations of life yet it is not fully
understood because we have not been (purposely) taught it here on earth…

In fact we’re not even taught how to use our powers and trust them
to help us navigate this earth plane.

This is where CBC comes in because I know what it feels like to feel confused. For so many years I had one foot on the earth plane and one foot in the spiritual realm wondering what am I doing here?!

This is exactly why I created CBC as the first ever membership to include astrology (as above) AND quantum teachings with the practicality of being in a human body (so below) because….

When you integrate this into your daily life you begin to access different
dimensions and higher states of consciousness (more easily) such as happiness, bliss, peace, and love which then draws in the synchronicity you’ve
been yearning for.

This is your gym membership for your soul!

As a psychic mental projector (only 20% of the world), I SEE you and I know you because l’ve been there myself.

I understand the journey of spiritual awakening – I didn’t just read this in books, I’ve experienced it myself and was taught by spirit.

I SEE you…you’re on your spiritual journey and craving purpose, clarity, and direction in
your life. It hasn’t been easy but you’re ready to devote space to ritual and higher wisdom in your daily life so that you can nurture and understand your soul’s guidance.

I SEE you…you’re looking to dive into the energetic realm and understand how to play with energy.

I SEE you…you’re looking to create more wealth, abundance, beauty, love, and purpose in your life!

This is why I created CBC –
so you can learn how to integrate the cosmos & emotions into your body
to receive the juicy abundance of life!

I see you…you’re ready to make your next level an every day occurrence!

My Personal Message To You...


The last 14 years since my awakening have been the wildest years ever. I’ve had my whole life turned upside down because I wasn’t living my true soul’s path.

I didn’t know.

So the universe (not so gracefully) removed everything from my life that wasn’t aligned and then my psychic abilities started to open.

This was shocking.

I’ve never experienced anything like it before in my life.

I had no friends to talk to about it, and no books or teachers to go to so I quickly learned the ins and outs of the spiritual journey by connecting to spirit.

They led me to where I am today. Of course I later had amazing teachers along the way but it started with me and spirit, me and my heart, me and my soul – that is what I will teach you as well.

Over the years I’ve learned so much and I’m coming to you now in my 40’s with real life experience, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of how it’s all connected.

Come do life with me and let’s CREATE YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

In case you’re not familiar with who I am…

Hi! I’m Danielle Paige. I’m a loyal and grounded (Taurus Sun), nurturing and caring (Cancer Moon), soul explorer and mystic who loves traveling and searching for more truth & knowledge about life and the Universe! (Sagittarius Rising).

I’m a Consciousness Guide, Intuitive Astrologer & Channel who helps you understand your purpose, shift patterns, learn to love and accept yourself (yes this includes your body/vessel), understand what cycles you’re in, and help you step into your power!

What makes me unique is my ability to integrate my logic with my intuition. This dance between the physical and the spiritual realms allow me to blend my astrological background with my intuitive abilities and my knowledge of universal patterns and rhythms to help you understand what’s happening on an energetic level so that you can live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Professional Bio:

Danielle Paige is an International Spiritual Teacher, Soul Astrologer, Host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Soul Link, Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul and Astrology Mystery School Levels 1-3.

A self-taught astrologer, who’s been reading the stars for lifetimes, she continued her studies with
some of the world’s top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to
create her own style of spiritual medicine. By fusing astrology, energetic healing, and intuition,
she is able to help her clients heal their wounds, clear old patterns, and help them come back home to their heart.

Danielle has given talks on mysticism and astrology at Scorpios Mykonos,
Glossier Headquarters in NYC, Soho House, The Assemblage, The Goodfest and has traveled to
over 32 countries bringing women together while leading retreats in Hawaii, Costa Rica, as well as 3
retreats on the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Kythnos. Her work has been featured
in Vogue Netherlands (twice!), Goop, Astrology.com, London Standard, The Numinous,
Thought Catalog, JDate, CBS Radio and more!

What you get

CBC was never going to be a generic membership! Most memberships die off after a while because it’s not sustainable in your daily life.

I observed this and spent years refining this offering to help make this the backbone to your already busy life and I’m so excited to share these with you!

Come do life with me…(because this year is going to be my most magical yet and when I grow you grow!) hint hint..that’s all I can say about that for now 😉

Here’s what you’ll receive as a member of the collective:

Full Moon Virtual Circles

If you’ve already experienced the magic then there are no other words! But if you’re new here these monthly healing activations are so powerful because they shift and upgrade your life! We get you in a state of support and surrender so your nervous system can relax and then your body can rewire when the mind is not in the way. I've been doing these for 8 years now because they are so powerful and the feedback every single time is upgrade after upgrade! I've included these in the membership because consistency in healing is the key to your growth. Every time you do them you peel back more layers of the onion and your real self emerges. The new circles get an upgrade: Less talk, more meditation and healing! Once you're in you never have to sign up monthly again ;) *If in the event I am unable to do it on a full moon it will be on a date close to it & just as powerful because it's not the moon, it's YOU!

Weekly Inspo Downloads

This is going to be the magic!! As so many of you know I get downloads all day long and used to post a lot to my stories. Now these are saved for the membership. We will have an app that is JUST for CBC members and I will post several times a week. The private posts will include messages from spirit, inspiration on your path to keep you going (you got me as your hype girl in your back pocket and in my energy field), inside private details on how I'm navigating my journey to help you AND important astrology transits and what it means for you!

Bi-Monthly Lives + Q/A's

Every other month on or around the new moon we will do a zoom video call where I’ll channel the current collective energy and what's coming up and then we will go into a Q/A! Sample topics include: Money, Love, Energy, Astrology, Health, Lifestyle, Consciousness, Soul, Spirit babies, Building your spiritual biz etc. We will dedicate 1 hour on a zoom call where I’ll answer your specific questions. You get to dive into my 44 years of experience on earth as I help you navigate your journey. I wish I had this when I was going through it! (This will feel like you're talking to your bestie AND tough love cosmic wisdom) :)

Bi-Monthly Mini Power New Moon Meditations

You asked and I answered! Every other new moon when we don't have the call, I will release another audio power mediation (about 10 min) that you can use for your daily life. Having a bad day? Drop in and listen. Want a ritual in the morning? Tune in for 10 min and bring yourself back into coherence! There will be a dedicated space for all the meditations in the app.


NEW MEMBER BONUS ADDED: 15% Discount on Select Courses!

Exclusive voice transmissions by Danielle. 

Resource library featuring Danielle’s personal network and recommended services.

First priority for private readings when I release them.

First to hear about courses, retreats and events before they sell out.

A dedicated & easy to navigate library in the app of all the moon circles, lives, & meditations.

Come do life with me! Have me in your back pocket so you can grow in abundance, health, life, and love! 


Can't wait for your special guest, I'm so excited!!! Thank you this membership is the best!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do to share "life" with us. Joining CBC when you launched it was a no brainer and every day there is more and more (and more) value to the best gym membership for your soul. Can't wait to keep growing and expanding in this collective thanks to you and to all members here. The most beautiful container we all share 🥰❤️😍💯💃🏽💥🌶️‼️😘


I knew CBC was an investment in me, my soul, my experiences on earth, my connection to me and so much more. I decided I would be "all-in for one year" to see what happened. In just a couple of months, I've shifted/changed/lightened/found new perspectives. Today's gem of gems offered up a simple explanation. It's the daily practice! That is the foundation of choosing to show up, participate in new ways, and be open to seeing/changing old ways that no longer serve. This collective became the foundation for my daily practice as I incorporate a thought - some are "out of the park", and some are "I'm going to noodle this" - each glimmer has helped me grow. With love and gratitude for supporting me/us/the collective❤️ collectively, we are making the world a better place one moment at a time.


Such a life changing membership! I honestly didn’t take advantage of it in the beginning, but so glad I paid the year upfront and gave myself the chance to fully embrace it. Having the moon circles included makes it such a no brainer. Thank you for this.


Honestly joining CBC has been amazing for my life upgrades!


This post is one of my favorite posts ever!!! The wisdom! 🌟🙏🏽 I feel so honored to have you as one of my spirit guides - honestly my favorite one.


The mini meditations are a game changer! I love throwing them on in the bath...nothing better and more rejuvenating than that. Thanks so much for making those. Love CBC!


Time flies! My annual CBC renewal is coming up which of course is a MUST!


I LOVE this group. Never ever leaving 🙏🏽❤️ Appreciate you and your messages so much.


Value is insane and best decision to join ever!!!!


I just wanted you to know: I joined CBC Thursday. Each morning I’ve done the New Moon power meditations, and I’ve already had breakthroughs!!! Thank you for this container.


Honestly CBC has completely shifted my outlook on life. Thank YOU for all you do!


This information is one of my favorite things about CBC. Thank you Danielle for your guidance through these times!


Danielle can I please share with you how much you inspire me and have already supported me so much in changing my inner world which is now being reflected in my outer world - being part of CBC has been so powerful and it’s only been a few months it feels like! Thank you


I have to tell you, these messages literally have gotten me through most of this year. I love being a part of CBC. Thank you for everything!


Joining the group is one of the best decisions I’ve made this year!!! Thank you eternally for being so genuine and transparent!!! This is what is needed for everyone so we can move into higher consciousness!!


Danielle, I just had a huge epiphany from the meditation in Cosmic Body Collective. I saw into one of my parallel lives and understand SO much of what is going on in my current timeline on earth. HOLY SHIT IT WAS fire!


Leveling up BIG time after joining CBC! I am SO thankful the moon circles are included and the timing is impeccable. LFG! Thank you for your guidance, D. I’m ready to blow the doors off this mf matrix.


I’m loving the daily updates! Keeps me focused and out of my logical mind where I tend to drown in worry. Definitely moving/flowing with this eclipse rather than fighting through it. Thank you Danielle, you have shifted the way I think and see myself.


Thank you Danielle. Your posts and downloads are so helpful! I am so glad I trusted my intuition to join CBC. It's a game changer.


So happy I invested in CBC, best investment in my life so far. Truly therapy for my heart and soul! Thank you, Danielle, for being the greatest teacher!


Danielle, I just wanted to say that I have joined many courses and never finished any of them. I blame my Sagittarius sun and manifesting generator HD 😂. I have gotten way more out of this membership than I have out of anything else. Thank you for being so generous with your time wisdom and knowledge. I was literally on the bathroom floor last night thinking I cannot go on, thought of you and pulled myself back together! Can’t wait for the replay so excited to get through this crazy year with you by my side.


It’s amazing and I love that it’s a app and I can choose to just see that and nothing else and it’s so easy to navigate 🙌🏼 and the energy is amazing.


I listened to the new moon q&a yesterday on my way to work and on my way home. It was such a vibe I felt very empowered by your words and what was coming through. Thank you for existing and sharing space and time with all of us. Best investment I’ve done in a long time!!


Hi Danielle, I am in your monthly CBC and thank god I joined, I told my husband you are the only channeler that I mess with especially as a channeler myself. The embodiment, the work, the authenticity, the discernment. Thank you for all that you do for yourself so you can in turn do for humanity. The way you share your own journey and the guidance you are giving us has already made waves in my own life. You know you are a real channeler here to help humanity when you go through it yourself and then be the example of what the possibilities especially from the place of friend then know it all guru. That’s what embodiment is, you truly walk the talk and I’m so grateful for this container. Sat Nam sister.


CBC is already worth way more than $35!!!!


Danielle is incredibly intuitive and empathetic in her approach to healing! My readings with her have been uplifting, reassuring, and transformative in the most positive ways. I appreciate her insight and highly recommend.

Justine Marjan, Celebrity Hairstylist

Danielle, Wow, I am so impressed with your new membership! I just enrolled for the year and I am blown away with how organized, clear and thoughtfully put together the site is! I belong to many business coaching programs and this far surpasses them! I look forward to participating in all the awesome things you are offering in this!!


This has been the most amazing journey! The classes are all so juicy. Danielle Paige you are a wonderful wonderful teacher! I am so grateful we have the recorded classes to go over again and again. I learned and am learning so so much. The most important thing I learned about myself is that I need community. So when I get the urge to go off grid and live in the mountains and not have human contact I can know according to my chart this is my shadow and wounded side at play.


There’s something really beautiful about your authenticity. I just want to say that you are such a light, and I admire what you put outward into the world. I’m taking your astrology class, and I love learning from you. I’ve been into astrology for a bit, and I’ve taken a couple of classes - but you are on another level because you’re so soulful, and honestly, because you are so authentic. You inspire me to be unapologetic about who I am, and allow my uniqueness to shine without worrying what others think.


If anyone is on the fence about going to Danielle’s retreat and her work, I promise you won’t regret it! I actually took out a loan so I could go and have absolutely no regrets! Money is money but once in a life time experiences- are once in a lifetime! I learnt so much from Danielle and the group of beautiful ladies we synchronistically ended up with. It was the most relaxing week of my life with soo much deep transformation, and we all left with a fresh outlook on life, goals, and a tribe to back us up.


I listened to my first ever Full Moon Circle tonight (although I’ve been obsessed with all you post for over a year now). Tonight’s meditation has changed my entire outlook on my life. Things that have been blocking me have cleared. I’m in such a state of gratitude and falling asleep with a huge smile on my face and love in my heart. Thank you! 11:11 pm in Ohio. Couldn’t have planned that. Thank you universe. Thank you Danielle!!!! The power and connection I felt is indescribable. And I feel I’ll be getting a lot more nudges from spirits in the days to come. Truly life changing.


Danielle; you are a GODDESS. Thank you for being our guide. Soul Link tonight was amazing, the information, the meditation, everything. I love you so friggin much. Seriously.


I was in your soul link class last night and it was so lovely. I have taken all of your astrology classes and I signed up not knowing what to really expect last night and I feel so calm and grounded this morning. Looking forward to day 2! You have such a electric and beautiful energy, I’m so happy to have found your work.


Before I signed up, I hesitated. Not because of the$$. It was because I immediately received info that it was a ton of growth, & self love I’d do & experience with soul link. The last 3 days have flown by, in a wonderfully, love filled way. I actually don’t want it to end. I have loved how interactive, connected, seen deeply/personal soul link feels. You have provided a wonderful balance of personal life experiences, along with guidance, intuition & knowledge in a story like manner. And you've provided us a container to fully express ourselves, to assist us in taking those next steps in allowing our souls to shine as bright as they are truly. Showing us it is possible to live a life we desire and expand even further into it diving deep. Plus the meditations, releases are the usual. AMAZING!


Thank you so, so much for the container you created in Soul Link. I can feel greater confidence in myself to trust that which I truly desire and deserve. So special to be a part of the past 3 days. There are many stories that can be created around why I can’t live the life I desire (mainly around not wanting to negatively effect my kids) but these past 3 days has shown me that is exactly why I must do this. To show them that being happy is the biggest gift of all.


Thank you thank you thank you! For being an example of what’s possible in all areas of life- health, relationships, abundance. For creating beautiful containers full of love, safety, non- judgment, and wisdom. For holding the highest vision and vibration for us to step into. For being so real, so funny, and an example of someone teaching from a true place of love, alignment, and power. I have learned/remembered so much from you over the past few years and feel so grateful to know you.


Amen sister. Soul link was truly beyond words. I do not have the vocabulary to express the shifts that I felt and how drastic of a change in my consciousness I experienced immediately and even today. Soooo much has cleared. I am seeing so much more clearly. Myself. Like truly. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for facilitating this MAGIC!


Thank you for Soul Link. I was on the fence about purchasing, but I made sure that I wasn’t in a lack mindset about the energy exchange and checked in before going for it! I’m so happy I did, I feel brand new like my heart space was blasted open. I bought a new dream car that I never thought would be possible on Wednesday and felt the abundance. I literally felt that this was the first step in building my beautiful life. I’m so happy and literally haven’t slept but it’s a good energy. Doing the homework also helped make sure the next steps or changes I make will be aligned with my soul. Super happy and your humor is always a plus.


Okay so these really keep getting better and better!!! I have never been soooo deep in my body like that I felt like I was plugged into an electrical outlet and any minute I was going to start poking light through my body! When you told us to meet our guides- HOLY SHITTT I walked into my rose quartz room and they were allll waiting for me! I woke up today still so grateful and weepy over the most amazing beautiful life changing experience!


CBC is perfect
for you if….

  • You’re ready to infuse higher consciousness into your everyday life
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your life and make soul aligned changes
  • You’re ready to broaden your awareness
  • You’re ready to understand how the cosmic energy influences you (Note: this is not an astrology class)
  • You’re ready to remember that YOU have the power all along
  • You’re ready to connect more deeply with your soul
  • You’re ready to understand high level concepts in a practical way so you can apply them to your daily life
  • You’re ready for information that I can’t share on instagram

You’re ready to create your beautiful life aligned with your soul!





My reading with Danielle blew my mind! Not only did she predict my engagement on air during my podcast which ended up coming true months later exactly as she said, she also told me details about my soul’s past life energy that I felt so deeply. After our session it activated something inside of me that shifted my life. She also told me many things that psychics have told me over the years as well which is different than most other astrological readings in that she mixes of her knowledge of astrology with her intuition and delivers the information in a way that’s easy to digest. Danielle is a master at her craft and for Western Astrology she is my go to Astrologer helping me understand my soul contract on a deeper level. Plus, her podcast was one of the top most downloaded ones to date which is why I had her on for a second time!

Sahara Rose

Again. Thank you for your gifts. I'm still amazed of how potent your circle is even several days after. It was so potent, that I went for a replay of the replay to day! You help me expend my consciousness and lead my soul through depths I never would have found so fast. I'm beyond grateful for all the frequency and downloads you send to me. Anyways, thank you! You are selling this circles too cheap btw. You should set it as a minimum the price you have now, and ad a donation button!!


I don't think you understand how much you are saving souls right now. I honestly think you are saving lives with your fire soul. I'm so grateful for your existence. I took the soul link program with you. Did the first one live. Got really knocked out in a good way. Then I took your replay of the second one today. Was a little afraid it wouldn't work that good since it was on replay, but it was potent as hell. I received so much downloads it melts my heart and gave me bigger understanding about relations in life. The reason for them being as they are do to previous lives. That helped me to release guilt and shame and trust more in my soul being. Can't wait to take the replay of the last one. Now I just have to integrate this one, cus that really shifted a lot in me. Thanks for being you in all of your existence.


Danielle you are so powerful and honestly every time I have done a retreat with you everything shifts so quickly! Your full moon circles also are incredible and up level me so much! And now this Astrology course has took me to the next level. This was 3rd one of your full moon healing circles I have done and as they say the 3rd time is a charm. All of them have been amazingly beautiful and have helped me awaken into my divine purpose, but immediately tonight I knew and felt it within that this one was going to break through those walls created and clear out all of the shame, guilt, doubt that I been carrying within myself for what feels like lifetimes. The emotions and vibrations that flooded through my body was an experience I cannot even begin to describe. However, I feel so much lighter, clearer, and more determined than ever to live to my fullest potential without restraints holding me back. You are such a gift to us all and I appreciate you sharing these experiences with us and helping so many be the best they can be by tapping into their true self.


Hi Danielle, I just wanted to pop in to thank you again for our session this past Monday. Once more, a monumental upgrade - thank you. Since our talk, so much is coming into my life. Projections and manifestations are quickly taking form in the physical realm. In a matter of 72 hours, my path has opened in such beautiful and unexpected ways. I feel myself vibrating higher, and I know that it is from this higher vibration, I am able to attract these very specific manifestations I've been calling in. It's coming together so quickly, like pieces of a puzzle, showing me the road ahead. I'm making new, soul connections with people like I've never felt before (funny how this is all happening in a time of social distancing!). I feel so grateful, so aligned, so on track. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You've been a huge part of my of my unraveling. I am stepping into a whole new dimension, into a whole new plane, a whole new life. So much love to you. Keep shining your bright, beautiful light.


Danielle is an extraordinary talent. So exceptional that I can’t even put her in the simple category of Astrologer. She is a true healer with an intuitive gift that transcends this plane. Her ability to connect is remarkable, as she tunes in to your birth chart, and well beyond as she begins healing your energy. My reading with Danielle was over 2 hours as she explained my chart & patiently answered all my questions. Everything she said resonated with all my experiences, past and present. I felt as though she had a real window into my heart and my true purpose… in life and in love. The reading helped me understand myself in ways I hadn’t before. From Danielle I have learned to listen to my own intuition and tap into my own healing energy. She helped me find something intangible, deep inside myself, which has made me a better teacher, friend, and person. A truly invaluable experience.


Hi Danielle! I've got a few words of thanks for you! With all of the wisdom you give out freely, sharing inspiring moments of your daily life, with your moon circles, podcast and of course astrology mystery school, it almost feels like you are my personal spiritual teacher! I've learnt so much from you - you don't even know! You are so inspiring and always confirm I'm on the right track - or you bring me back to it. Often there are so many synchronicities around your messages. Its quite magical. And also, you just make learning about astrology and spirituality so much FUN!I love your SAS and JOKES! Your fiery enthusiasm, your caring nature combined with your inexplicable NO's and boldness. Now there's an example! Basically, I think you are a phenomenal teacher and woman. I can't wait to see what your membership will bring.Ok. End of love letter. Much love.


Thank you for the power of your Full Moon ceremony for ALL the work you do. It shifted my energy, creativity started to flow and I got SO many downloads … i saw how my current “challenge” is my gift and how it’s meant to serve others in the future. I chose to align to that timeline. And the shift happened. It was so powerful! All your sessions are, but this one even more.


Hello beautiful soul my name is Jessica and I just finished your circle and I’m completely blown away. My precious son passed away 2 1/2 yrs ago at the age of 13 and I have a very close relationship with him in Spirit. He whispered to me that he would give me signs at tonight’s class and wow did he come through loud and clear!! His angelversary when he passed was July 31st 2019. We celebrate his life every year and his name is Uriah. My older children used to call him Uriah Uranus as a silly nickname!! You had mentioned that something big was happening on that date coming up. Also the song you ended with tonight was the song we played at his funeral. My life was completely shattered when my beautiful son died and I truly felt so lost and like I would never recover. I’ve been working so hard on healing myself since he passed. After tonight’s session I now feel the confidence to take a HUGE step towards becoming a healer and helping people recover from devastating grief and loss. I have an opportunity to move to California with my best friend and I’ve been terrified to take the next step. I feel so able to do this now and I cannot express enough gratitude to you!! Thank you with all my heart for the important work you do for humanity.


I keep thinking I will write a great testimonial one day after I do the classes, moon circles, container, or whatever else it is you are teaching but I could never truly explain the shifts and transformations that happen afterwards. I realize I am calling it in and it is within my field but you help guide and speed up the process so quickly. I am continuing to receive everything I ask for but it hit me tonight after I listened to you story. After the 3 day container I received a new job with more and perks than I could ask for. A new place. And a new man that is open and conscious and the potential for something long lasting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Ready To Join The



Billed annually at $418/year*

This is the BEST value & a no-brainer for the price! It comes out to $34 a month for one flat price!

You are indoctrinated into the membership at this price even when the rate goes up next year.

With this offering you get
1 month free! $418 instead of $456!





Billed Monthly at $38/month with a 6-month commitment*

With this option, you can enjoy the flexibility of monthly payments.

To get the most out of CBC consistency is key for the container and for your soul growth. Just like a gym membership we don’t change overnight & without consistent lifestyle upgrades.



asked questions

Is this for women only?

No! It’s for all human beings. All races, all religions the only thing is to be a nice human. If someone is rude or disruptive to the group and or creates drama they will be asked to leave and their membership will be cancelled.

Will there be a community aspect to the membership?

No, and I made that decision because I want people to get the teachings and go about their life instead of wasting time on any app talking all day. I also have seen groups create drama and this is not the vibe I want for your growth. You will however, be able to comment on the downloads so you will see other people’s comments as well.

What is the cancellation policy?

For cancellation on the annual membership it will stop the automatic renewal, however, you will still have access to the collective until that time as no money will be reimbursed. It’s non refundable because we want people committed to growing overtime and the annual gives you a discount.

For the monthly membership you are agreeing to pay 6 monthly payments at $35/month that is non refundable. After 6 months the membership goes month to month and if you need to cancel you can 3 business days before the next monthly billing cycle. You will have access until then. There are no refunds for previously purchased months. All payments are recurring and automated. We encourage you to devote this space in your life as in and outs will not be encouraged.

Is there an app for the membership?

Yes! After trying several (read 20-30!) text messaging services none were suitable for international so we went with an app and it will be EASY to navigate. There will be no community on it so there won’t be tons of messages to distract you. It will also be a place to store all the moon circles and recordings in one spot! As with anything there will be a learning curve but it should probably only be 20 min at the most 🙂


What if Danielle says something I don't agree with?

Hi there! Danielle here and well…there’s no other way to say it than I most likely will 🙂 You don’t have to agree with me or understand why I may say something and it’s ok to think differently. Absolutely!  However, respect is a non negotiable. If anyone is rude, hurtful, and/or bullying to me or anyone else in the collective they will be removed immediately without a reimbursement. I will not tolerate passive aggressive, rude, or inappropriate comments and or projections directed at me or anyone else in the collective. It will be at me (Danielle Paige Inc.) and my team’s discretion to remove people if need be. This is also in the terms and conditions. Basically, don’t be an asshole – that’s the media’s job 🙂 Let’s create magic!

Need more help?

Alexa my customer support specialist will be happy to help you. Please contact her at support@daniellepaige.com



I created Cosmic Body Collective because if we are not intentional with our life and actions life soon passes us by. Let’s make the best of our time here on earth. You’re already made of cosmic intelligence and when you begin to understand the language of your soul everything changes and for the better! I’m excited to meet you! Welcome to the Galactic Family!